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Carbon Recognized with Two Spark:Concept AwardsFebruary 27th, 2012

Spark:Concept Gold Award

Carbon  has received two Spark:Concept Awards in the 2011/2012 competition. “Spark celebrates the best in design—from architecture, graphics and products to cutting-edge conceptual work,” explains Peter Kuchnicki, founder and director of the Spark Awards. “We encourage things that improve our lives. Designs that help ameliorate hardship, create joy, beauty, save the world or facilitate peace. Designs that help create a better existence.” The 2011/2012 Spark:Concept Jury was composed of ten highly-regarded international designers and architects. The judges found many entries addressed problems and offered very creative solutions. As Hari Nair, Global Director for Advanced Design, Whirlpool puts it, “The future is now—that’s how I felt while reviewing the concept entries, which bordered on the ideal while straddling reality… I believe we are at a point in time where we are capable of inventing our future by designing it.”

Carbon’s two wins came out of our Passion Project program, which gives team members room to explore without the constraints of traditional client work. “We have a wonderfully talented team,” says Carbon’s president Dan Blase. “Projects like this help foster the creativity that is a vital part of our culture.”

In addition to these wins, Carbon collaborations were recognized with four Spark:Pro awards in 2011.

Toggle Multimode Touch Remote—Gold

Toggle™ was recognized with Spark:Concept Gold. Designed for the evolving connected TV viewing experience, Toggle uses an innovative application of inexpensive technology to create a rich, touch experience without a display screen. Its core is a simple touchpad, much like you might find on a laptop. This capacitive surface is printed with images, characters, and icons. The four different modes are revealed by the use of a grid-patterned mask. When the base and mask are aligned, Toggle is off. While holding the device horizontally, shift up to reveal a qwerty keyboard. Shift down for a touchpad or right for casual gaming. Shift left and hold like a traditional remote for surfing. Type, Surf, Move, or Play, with Toggle, the mode you need is just a quick shift away.

Learn more about Toggle

Toggle’s innovative architecture is a platform that could be applied to arenas beyond controlling entertainment systems.

Domino Clock—Silver

Taking a universal numerical system and applying it outside its normal context adds a twist to standard representations of time. 

Carbon’s Domino Clock™ was awarded Silver in the competition. A borrowed form with uncommon function, the Domino Clock creates a time-keeping system that is unexpected yet familiar all at once. The concept is simple: three larger-than-life dominoes, each equipped with a set of articulating dots which flip from black to white as they keep time with silent precision. The first domino marks hours, the other two show minutes. A custom electro-magnetic coil provides a low-power solution while lending a sense of gravity to the transitions. Learn more about Domino Clock here.

“It has been great to work with the whole Carbon team to bring the Toggle concept to life as a Carbon project,” says Toggle designer Peter Bristol. Domino Clock designer Joe Sullivan concurs, “Our technical team helps add technical feasibility to simple ideas like this. It’s fun to see a product that stays true to the initial concept and generates excitement out in the world.”

Toggle and Domino Clock will become permanent fixtures in the 2011/2012 Spark:Concept winners gallery on the Spark Awards website.

See the story on Dexigner.

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