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Introducing new technologies. Creating a breakthrough core technology does not guarantee market success. Careful, insightful development is required to ensure market creation results in market capture.


Creation to Capture. New technologies can be game changers. They can create new markets and render entire product categories obsolete. But technological innovation is just one step on the path to business success. Whether we’re developing new technologies for our clients or working with businesses that have created their own innovative core technologies, we know that the full challenge includes developing a product and product ecosystem that delivers technology in a way that is not only satisfying for the user, but profitable for the business. Successful product development takes more than technical expertise. It takes insight into the user experience, understanding of business objectives, and informed intuition to guide the way.



Pathway Medical had developed an innovative catheter-based technology for treating Peripheral Arterial Disease. The technology had been proven in clinical trials, but the solution still needed considerable development. Pathway enlisted Carbon to develop their innovation into the Jetstream® System. By simplifying complexity, Carbon lowered barriers to adoption and gave Pathway an easily upgradable platform they could build their entire brand upon.

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Start-up Nanopoint had created a way for scientists to study live cells over time. Unfortunately, the differences between the new, $1000 technology and a 30 cent slide was virtually invisible to the naked eye. Carbon was called upon to create a design that established the brand and clearly communicated this major advancement in laboratory technology. Carbon’s award-winning industrial design and visual brand language enabled the startup to establish itself as a leader in the emerging field of ultra-high-resolution imaging.

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