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DCI DigiTrak F2 Drill-head Locator

DCI DigiTrak F2

Rugged enough to build a pipeline. Distinct enough to build a brand. As a key development partner for the Digitrak F2, Carbon helped DCI apply lessons from previous products to this state-of-the-art system. With a re-engineered chassis wrapped in a confident design language, the flagship F2 set the tone for future product development.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Subterranean Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a “trenchless” process that enables precise placement of underground utilities such as telecommunications, power, water, and gas with much less disruption to the environment. The system consists of a transmitter (attached to the drill-head) and the handheld drill-head locator which together calculate depth, position, and direction. This data is displayed on the handheld receiver and also transmitted to a display on the HDD rig, allowing two operators to direct the drill’s progress.

In horizontal directional drilling, an operator uses a drill-head locator to monitor the drill head and guide the drill operator around underground obstacles.



Optimized Ergonomics for Extended Use

DCI enlisted our team to create a next generation system that would set new industry standards for ruggedness and reliability. The internal architecture is arranged to optimize both antenna reception and center of gravity, resulting in incredibly precise tracking and enhanced ergonomics. Combined with increased battery-life, these features make the system comfortable and easy to operate for an entire working day.

The F2 was re-engineered to exceed the ruggedness standards of its predecessors and its competition. The sensitive technology inside the new F2 is protected by a waterproof, shock-resistant chassis. This polycarbonate alloy barrier keeps dirt and rain away from the precision electronics, even in the harshest environments and weather conditions.



Optimized weight distribution provides a natural, ergonomic viewing angle for the anti-glare display, providing contrast in a range of outdoor light.

Award-Winning. Market Leading.

DigiTrak F2 - Side View with Cone

The Digitrak F2 set new standards in technical performance and reliability for DCI, and established a new visual direction for the company’s products. An iconic chassis constructed from top-quality materials results in a product whose form speaks honestly about its function. The confident restrained design language of the F2 stands out among rugged products.

In 2010, the Digitrak F2 received a Gold in the Spark Awards, a Good Design Award, and a Bronze Award in the IDEA/Fast Company competition. Besides praise in the design world, the F2 system was one of only three products singled out for recognition with the NO-DIG Award 2009 presented by the International Society for Trenchless Technology, garnering praise from the people who use it everyday.

The F2 has enabled DCI to increase market share and sales have exceeded all forecasts.

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2010 IDEA

2010 Spark

2010 Good Design

2009 NO-DIG Award

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