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Microsoft Express Mouse Glamor

Making wired cool. Looking to reinvigorate the $20 wired mouse category with their BlueTrack Technology, Microsoft knew it would take more than great tracking to get the attention of a demographic enamored with all things wireless. Microsoft turned to Carbon for a solution that would change the perception that wired mice are inherently uncool.

From Liability to Asset

In truth, wired is cool. Wired mice don’t run out of batteries, they never have connection issues, they’re more environmentally friendly, and they have a lighter wallet impact than their wireless cousins. The youthful audience for this price point may be cost conscious, but they are also design savvy. Carbon worked with Microsoft to design a mouse that would help overcome the misperception that “wired” means “yesterday’s technology.”

If cables can provide people all of these benefits, why are they treated as afterthoughts, slapped thoughtlessly onto already complete designs? The Express Mouse design brings a new perspective. By looking beyond the form of the mouse, Carbon saw the wire as an integral part of the product.

The Express mouse design features the wire, rather than wishes it wasn’t there. The colored cable wraps around the product, forming a visual and tactile bumper. The cable exits the mouse from the front left corner, adding character and relieving cable stress for right-handed users. The simple clean silhouette allows the cable to remain highlighted and helps Microsoft make wired cool again.

To keep the form clean, the mouse is the first Microsoft mouse without a split between the left and right click areas.



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2011 Good Design Award

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