Carbon Design Group

Microsoft LifeCam

Making a splash in a crowded marketplace. First impressions are everything, especially when looking to offer a product in an already thriving marketplace. To ensure customer satisfaction with their first webcam products, Microsoft turned to a trusted partner who understood the big picture–Carbon.

Standing out in a Crowd

When Microsoft set about developing their own branded family of webcams, they partnered with Carbon to ensure they delivered a product with impact–one that would encourage consumers to replace their existing webcam, or finally purchase their first.

Carbon’s industrial designers and mechanical engineers collaborated with Microsoft’s ID team from start-to-finish, delivering a tiered family of three products. The products are friendly, easy-to-use and versatile. Designed to appeal to a very broad market and engineered for high-volume production, the solution helped Microsoft make a very successful entry into the highly competitive webcam market.

LifeCams work equally well with a monitor, a laptop, or atop a desk.

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