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Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse - in use

Microsoft’s first multi-touch mouse. Building on the groundbreaking work of Microsoft Research, the Microsoft Hardware User Experience Team collaborated with Carbon to give form to a new multi-touch mouse.

Bringing Multi-Touch to the Mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse - Top View

When looking to design Microsoft’s first multi-touch mouse, the combined Microsoft and Carbon team began with the understanding that most users were accustomed to operating their PC with a traditional mouse. The new device needed to introduce the functionality of multi-touch in a form users knew and loved. To aid in the transition to using a multi-touch mouse, the team developed a form that fit comfortably in the hand, provided a platform for multi-touch interactions, and had an instantly recognizable silhouette.

An etched pattern indicates the location of the multi-touch surface.

Enabling Gestural Interaction

Microsoft Touch Mouse - profile

The resulting Microsoft Touch Mouse design clearly communicates that it’s a mouse and that it’s an entirely new kind of mouse. Since multi-touch commands can involve a wide array of finger combinations and strokes, the main body is a continuous surface. The multi-touch surface extends seamlessly across the top of the mouse and down the sides to accommodate intuitive thumb gesturing. A simple line indicates the left and right-click zones, and the touch surface itself is highlighted by a subtle pattern etched into the body of the mouse.

By merging a multi-touch surface with the tactile and ergonomic needs of using a PC, the Touch Mouse is designed to introduce multi-touch to your mouse.

Microsoft is a longtime expert in mouse ergonomics, and continues its tradition with this product.

—Charlie White, Mashable


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