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Nanopoint cellTRAY

Communicating what can’t be seen. Nanopoint created a breakthrough advancement in live cell imaging. Carbon helped them highlight the value and precision of the microscopic technology. The award-winning industrial design of the cellTRAY helped the startup establish itself as a leader in the emerging field of ultra-high-resolution cell imaging.

A Bio-incubator on a Slide

Biomedical startup Nanopoint created a revolutionary bio-incubator on a microscope slide. This cutting-edge technology advances the state of the art in live cell imaging.

Using processes from the semiconductor industry, the cellTRAY has an array of wells that contain living cells along with a network of microfluidic channels to sustain those cells. This cell imaging technology has application to life science research, drug discovery, disease detection, clinical screening, and targeted therapeutics.

Communicating Value

Barely larger than a standard microscope slide, cellTRAY’s technical features are so small they can’t be seen with the naked eye. This micro-technology requires a high level of manufacturing sophistication, making the cellTRAY far more expensive than the standard microscope slide. Carbon’s challenge was to create a design that would convey the superior innovation, and a visual brand language that would build the Nanopoint name.

Combining materials (silica on glass) with precise detailing results in a gem-like appearance, as well as communicates the “biochip” character of the product. The solution also includes the industrial design and mechanical engineering of a Petri dish–a custom enclosure that protects the cellTRAY during shipping, facilitates the experiments, and helps guide the user through correct procedures.

Carbon’s team designed and engineered the optically clear, autoclavable, custom petri dish for the cellTRAY.

Successful Introduction

Nanopoint CellTRAY

The cellTRAY allowed Nanopoint to secure additional venture funding and provide a new and valuable tool for assisted reproductive technology, drug discovery, cell culturing, and other life science research.

cellTRAY was honored with a 2007 Gold IDSA/BusinessWeek award in the Medical Equipment Category.

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering

2007 IDEA Gold


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