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Terabeam 3200i

Brand-building appeal. Terabeam enlisted Carbon to give its groundbreaking infra-red data transmission system a facelift, minimizing the form to maximize its appeal to a broader audience. The result was a product that positioned the Terabeam brand as the clear technology leader.

Elevating a Brand

Is the copper cabling in your office building or neighborhood maxed out? Can’t wait, or incur the costs of installing fiber optic infrastructure? The solution: Terabeam’s Free Space Optical technology. Best described as “fiber optic cable without the cable,” Terabeam uses lasers to establish a high-speed, high-bandwidth line-of-sight communications link between transceivers at distances up to a mile away.

The development of the Terabeam 3200i optical transceiver included a complete redesign of the optics and electronics to yield a solution thin enough to mount directly to an office window and occupy the space between a window pane and a set of blinds.

Carbon’s industrial designers worked closely with Terabeam on all generations of the product, establishing a visual brand language of substance and style. The newly minimized shell also required a redesigned optical layout and aligning mechanism to ensure a stable data link. The collaboration helped Terabeam position itself as the clear technology leader and earned Terabeam and Carbon a 2005 Businessweek/IDEA Gold Award.

Like fiber-optic cable without the cable.

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2005 IDEA Gold

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