Carbon Design Group

Xbox 360 Racing Wheel

Giving gamers the racer’s edge. Nothing adds to the excitement of gaming like seat-of-the-pants feedback from your controls. To create the first force feedback steering wheel for Xbox, Carbon worked faster than a pit crew to engineer the dream into a production reality.

Thrills You Can Feel

Following the highly successful launch of the Xbox 360 gaming console, and to leverage the popularity of racing games, Xbox turned to Carbon to engineer a flagship premium product–their first wireless force-feedback steering wheel.

The team engineered more than 50 tooled parts­–including several multi-shot, multi-action, and multi–cavity tools. Even working at this break-neck pace, Carbon met all their aggressive COG’s and schedule targets (four months from ID approval to tool release), and worked on-site with ODM’s in Asia to successfully transition the product into high-volume production.


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